BorrowBuddies Glossary

Buddy Agreement - An Agreement between a Lender and Borrower that describes the terms of the loan. It includes things like duration of loan, where the item will be exchanged, and what happens in cases of lost or damaged items. Note that BorrowBuddies maintains a record of the Agreements, but is not one of the parties to the Agreement.

Lending Inventory - The total set of all things you are offering to lend. Includes physical objects as well as skills and abilities.

Item Group - A subset of your items that you treat the same (and as a group) for the purpose of lending. An Item Group might be, for example, all your books that you want to make available to people you work with. Or you might have an Item Group that consists of all your kid-friendly movies that you make available to Buddies with young children.

Buddy Circle - A subset of your Buddies who have a similar connection to you and will have the same default Buddy Agreement for borrowing your items. This is typically your Buddies who share a common geography or schedule, such as people you work with, your physical neighbors, or people you see regularly socially or because you are in the same club or civic group.

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