Welcome to BorrowBuddies!

BorrowBuddies makes sharing easy. You can share pretty much anything with your Buddies: books, movies, tools, clothes, skills; you name it — and do it all for free!

Never forget who has borrowed your stuff again!

All of your items are under your control. You determine with whom to share them, what the terms of sharing will be, including the details of the exchange and duration of loan. You can also request your items back at any time. More info →

My Items
This is where you keep track of all the items you would like to share. Add, modify, rate and manage your items.

Buddies' Items
You can search, browse, request and of the items your Buddies have available. Find out what they think about particular items by viewing their ratings.

New Buddies
Invite friends and acquaintances to be your Borrow Buddies.